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It’s not a huge leap, but this Dell XPS is still the best in the category. And for those who want the latest and greatest Intel processors, the Dell XPS 13, as well as the company’s XPS 13 2-in-1, are available with the chip-maker’s 11th-gen Core processors, with Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 options. This Dell also offers a selection of solid-state storage and memory options, starting with a 256GB SSD hard drive and 8GB of memory. Schools have adopted many of the HP Chromebook 11 models as part of their official educational tools programs.

When portability is a must, it’s important to choose a laptop that’s both lightweight and reliable. That’s the beauty of the best small laptops — the tiny footprint doesn’t equate to poor performance. The 2020 MacBook Air can be configured to have up to 2TB of SSD storage, has all-day battery life, and is still one of the most lightweight laptops available.

The Aspire Switch is another 2 in 1 mini laptop which can be used as a tablet by detaching the keyboard or as a regular laptop with a keyboard attached. If you need a mini laptop that is tailor made for artists, look no further. With an Intel core m3 processor that can run Microsoft Office 365, it is ideal for students and professionals. Weighing 2.2 lbs, yet another Lenovo product must be mentioned on this list. The Ideapad 100s is a 11 inch affordable mini laptop that is value for money. Acing in the department of aesthetics, this laptop is available in four cool colors to suit your style.

Because of their compact size, these mini laptops make incredible everyday machines for getting essential tasks done, whether you’re studying at a library, working in a coffee shop, or watching movies on an airplane. Smaller versions of popular tech often require a bigger budget, but that’s not the case with these devices. The models that students use for classroom work are among the most affordable mini laptops on the market. For just a couple hundred dollars, streaming, writing, and web research can be at the fingertips of those without a lot to spend. You can use them easily behind a reclined seat on an airplane, and they tuck neatly into a standard-sized backpack or purse.

Many netbook products were replaced on the market by Chromebooks, a hardware- and software-specification in the form of a netbook and a variation on the network-computer concept. HP re-entered the non-Chromebook netbook market with the Stream 11 in 2014, although the term “netbook” is seldom in use anymore. Some specialised computers have also been released more recently[when?

Our reviewer found the keyboard flexed quite a bit, which gives it a cheaper feeling than the build suggests, but the trackpad is large and responsive according to our reviewer Matt. One area where we were disappointed was the lack of evolution between the last generation and this generation of laptops. You get the same lack of ports, comically bad webcam, and same overall design as the previous generation.

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